Interdisciplinary Platform for Sustainable Plastics towards a Circular Economy

News Feed - Archive 2020:

12/20: SusPlast celebrated on December, 17th its second GA meeting this year by video conference!
12/20: SusPlast partner POLYBIO (with Auxi Prieto, CIB)  presented at BactiWater´s online conference on PHA production from wastewater from the food industry.
12/20: SusPlast supports this: The new EU-ITN “SOPLAS" on Macro and Microplastic in Agricultural Soil Systems offers 14 Early-Stage Researchers (PhD) grants!!!  (see the PDF with a click on this line)

11/20: Some SusPlast partners have made an online virtual visit to the waste management park at Valdemingómez Madrid.

10/20: SusPlast partner MEMBRANES (with José M. Serra, ITQ)  presented at Plastics Circularity Multiplier online conference on thermo-chemical plastics recycling.

10/20: SusPlast manager (Oliver Drzyzga, CIB)  presented at AFTERLIFE´s online workshop on PHA production from food industry wastewater.

10/20: SusPlast partner DEEL (with Miguel Alcalde, ICP)  presented at SusChem-ES online assembly 2020 on different aspects of plastics recycling.

09/20: SusPlast partner Federica Bertocchini offers 2 Post-Doc positions now! (see the PDF with a click on this line)

09/20: SusPlast is proud of this success! Our projects P4SB (5) and SusBind (6) have been selected as top ten #BioTech projects supported by the @EU_Commission. More details from @KETBIO_biotech in their KETBIO PARADE booklet which can be found here!

08/20: SusPlast private partner EvoEnzyme was selected for the new Repsol accelerator round! Only 6 start-ups out of 1275 proposals has been selected! What a great success for our partner! (see news here!)

07/20: SusPlast private partners Darwin Bioprospecting, AITIIP & EvoEnzyme have recently started their new BBI-JU 2019 projects ENZYCLE and BIZENTE on plastic upcycling! (click  on the names to get more details)

06/20: SusPlast partner NanoBioMat (from ICTP) has made a nice short Spanish video clip mentioning the SusPlast platform! (click  here to watch it)

06/20: The new SusPlast 2020 flyer can be downloaded now! (with a simple click on this line)

05/20: SusPlast partners ENVASES (with Amparo López, IATA) and POLYBIO (with Auxi Prieto, CIB) have presented at RefuCoat´s webinar on different aspects of bioplastics for packaging.

04/20: SusPlast member EnvBioTec (with José Luis García) created today the project VIRALTRAP within the Madrid Hackathon against viruses! (click here to see details)

04/20: SusPlast celebrated on March, 31st its First Year GA Meeting by video conference!

03/20: Congrats!!! SusPlast exists now for one year!!!

03/20: SusPlast partner POLYBIO (with Manuel Godoy) presented recently at "7th International Seminar on Biopolymers & Sustainable Composites" in Valencia, Spain!

02/20: SusPlast partner Federica Bertocchini offers a Post-Doc position now! (see the PDF with a click on this lines)

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