Interdisciplinary Platform for Sustainable Plastics towards a Circular Economy

About the SusPlast platform

The SusPlast platform concept is built on three pillars encompassing:

i)   Biotechnology and cutting-edge technologies for systems and synthetic biology to provide new biochemical routes for the synthesis of bio-based building-blocks for sustainable bioplastics production, or for biodegradation or reutilization of existing fossil-derived plastics;

ii)   Polymer chemistry, for newly synthesized novel plastics designed to favour recycling or made from alternative raw materials;

iii)   Social and public awareness issues, including dissemination, teaching and training activities on this topic.

The SusPlast platform starts from the valorization of waste and residues, extraction of monomers, plasticizers, additives, etc. for the novel synthesis of polymers (plastics) and finally terminates with the process of composting to end the life-cycle of the new developed materials, thus going along the whole plastics value chain and demonstrating a real circular approach.

The SusPlast general scheme shown below gives an overview of the strategic challenges to be covered by the various platform members:

The SusPlast general work package:olvement of the 35 participating CSIC groups (from 18 different institutes or centers) are illustrated in this figure:

The newly adapted structure of SusPlast research activities cover the following 7 main objectives as shown in this figure:

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