Interdisciplinary Platform for Sustainable Plastics towards a Circular Economy

Welcome to the SusPlast platform!

Our "plastic" mission:

SusPlast aims to develop research and innovation activities, including socio-educational strategies, aimed at plastic production processes and their recycling, through mechanical, chemical and biotechnological strategies to meet the necessary requirements to implement plastics management based on a circular economy.

Our partners´ expertises:

SusPlast is a multidisciplinary platform, integrated by biotechnologists dedicated to bioprospecting, enzymatic catalysis, biotransformation, environmental microbiology, synthetic and systems biology, and polymer biotechnology as well as specialists in materials engineering, packaging, design of functional materials, modification of surfaces, and biomaterials and a group specialized in pyrolysis of waste for chemical and biotechnological transformation in value-added products.

Our working fields:

SusPlast joints people working on i) engineering of new biocatalysts and biosynthetic routes for obtaining renewable building-blocks as components of novel plastic polymers; ii) processing and functionalization of polymers for novel materials using an eco-friendly technology; iii) plastics degradation; iv) plastic recycling; v) development of biomass-derived biopolymers; vi) advanced characterization of recycled plastics and novel bioplastics.

SusPlast proposes an ambitious cross-sectorial and symbiotic approach that involves materials science and biotechnology in a joint action for the exploitation of new technologies and strategies to overcome the global challenge of `SUSTAINABLE PLASTICS TOWARDS A CIRCULAR ECONOMY’.

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