Interdisciplinary Platform for Sustainable Plastics towards a Circular Economy

Microwaves & Carbons for Technological Applications group (MCAT)

Dr. J. Ángel Menéndez Díaz

Instituto Nacional del Carbón (INCAR)

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)

Francisco Pintado Fe, 26;      33011 Oviedo (Spain)

Telf.: +34 98 511 8972          e-mail:

Main Research Lines / Participation in SusPlast:

  • Pyrolysis of organic waste
  • Conversion of organic waste to synthesis gas by microwave-induced processes
  • Self-reformed biogas (CH4 + CO2) to synthesis gas by means of a microwave-assisted catalytic process
  • Production of porous organic xerogels with a customized design for the support and separation of enzymes and other biomolecules
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