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January 2019

                      Plastic waste management, a matter for the ‘community’


09 Oct. 2020             

             SusPlast partner POLYBIO (with Oliver Drzyzga, CIB) will present on AFTERLIFE´s online workshop on different aspects of wastewater valorization                      (click on the text for more info!)

05 & 07 May 2020             
             SusPlast partners POLYBIO (with Auxi Prieto, CIB) and ENVASES (with Amparo López, IATA) presented on RefuCoat´s webinars on different aspects of bioplastic packaging                       (click on the text for more info!)

31 March 2020             
      SusPlast celebrated its first annual GA meeting by video conference           (click here for more PDF info!)

05 March 2020             
       SusPlast presented at "XVIII Jornadas sobre Bio-materiales" in Ávila, Spain (click here for more PDF info!)

04-05 March 2020             
       SusPlast presented at "7th International Seminar on Biopolymers & Sustainable Composites" in Valencia, Spain


News & Press - Archive  2019

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